VQ team session

Teams are increasingly acting as a lever for change. e.g., to make an organisation agile or to bring about a change in the organisational structure. This requires teams to be self-organised and to have the ability to change. LTP’s VQ Team Studio provides insight and incites action.

How are the roles divided across the team? Does this lead to the appropriate focus as a team? Which composition leads to a healthy team dynamic? Does the team have the ability to change? Is the team ready for self-organisation?

Start with Persona.fit
Persona.fit is the new Feedback App for development, self-development and a different way of assessing individuals, teams and organisations. For the team session, the role profiles of the participants are used as input. With Persona.fit you as a participant gain insight into the roles that fit your personality, the roles that you would like to fulfil and the roles that others consider appropriate for you.

After that: VQ Team Studio

  • Speed Workshop ‘Giving and receiving feedback’
  • share fit results with each other
  • (personal pitch of 5 min.)
  • Group game to experience team dynamics. How to collaborate? How to communicate?
  • Integration of all components and link to Persona.fit team analysis. What has been identified during the session? How does that relate to team analysis?
  • Wrap up. Conclusions and actions regarding: deployment of roles, focus, dynamics, the ability to change
  • Conclusion with a photo assignment
  • What is your drive and ability to change with regards to the team?


Anchoring through continuous feedback
Each participant can use Persona.fit to request feedback to keep a close eye on their own development and that of their team. They can ask the people around them to arrange the order of the roles as they see it: from most prominent in the approach to work, to least prominent. They can ask for feedback on their (preferred) roles for further development (is any progress visible?). And they can ask for feedback on actions and events that matter.

What will this produce?

  • Insight into individual roles, talents and pitfalls, as well as those of others.
  • Insight into the roles and added value of the team members together.
  • Insight into the chemistry within the team (management talents and points that require attention).
  • Most optimal mix to achieve the goal (roles and levels).
  • Joint focus and commitment from the team.
  • Feedback culture and transparency within the team.
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