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Our assessments provide psychological insights that support
the selection and development of people and teams.

Self-Service Tools for Talent Selection and Development

With LTP’s intuitive assessment tool, you can independently deploy online assessments from a single platform for various purposes. Gain quick and objective insights into talent throughout the entire employee journey.


Gain insight into candidates’ intellectual abilities. Identify the best candidates for the next step in the selection process from a large pool of applicants.


In our interactive people data platform, we rank all candidate scores in a clear overview for quick hiring or promotion decisions.

Talent Fit ONLINE

Valuable insights for job matching and input for selection decisions. Understand the individual in relation to the role, the team, and the organization.


With psychological people data, discover trends within teams, departments, and/or the organization as a whole. Valuable for optimizing selection and development, among other things.

Talent Scan ONLINE

A selection tool that helps you identify the most talented employees for middle management positions. Does the candidate match the role? What is their work profile?

Various Trainings & E-Learning

Do you want to learn how to recognize talents even better? Become an expert in interpreting online assessments and making the most of the insights? Check out our e-learning and training programs.

Talent Navigator ONLINE

Provide employees with insights into their talents and development potential, linking this to their personal development plan. Who am I? What can I do? What do I want?

Talent Selection and Development by Our Psychologists

Our psychologists expertly and attentively uncover the right insights with a keen eye for the participant. Be guided by reliable psychological insights.
Development Assessment

Employees get a flying start with a customized development report that highlights growth potential and support needs for immediate effectiveness.

Forward Coaching

An impactful, inspiring program with an experienced coach as a sparring partner and a clear timeline: 5 sessions in 2 months. The focus is on learning and experiencing.

Selective Development Assessment

Make the right match & inspire growth! In a competitive market, speed is crucial. You can conduct assessments and identify suitable candidates within a week.

Team and Organizational Development

The challenges organizations face today are too complex to solve alone. They require a pooling of knowledge and experience. Teams also play a crucial role in support, engagement, and job satisfaction. Attention to team functioning is therefore essential for future-oriented organizations. People Data play an indispensable role in this.


Team members get to know each other better, psychological safety is enhanced, the growth mindset is engaged, and the team focus is concretely established together.

Organizational Scan

Psychological People Data provide unique insights into the strengths and areas for improvement within an organization, department, or team. Indispensable for strategic workforce planning.


The team is experiencing stagnation or issues in collaboration. Together with the team members, we map out the existing team dynamics and risks.

Leadership Development

Leaders are the leverage for (future-proof) change. Through self-insight, team development, and coaching, this is made as concrete as possible.


Teams as leverage for organizational development. For example, in a desired change in culture or the way of collaboration.

The Ripple

A program for organizations that choose an inclusive culture and greater psychological safety. We believe that every individual can make a positive difference.

A Focus on Safety & Integrity

Is safety a factor in your concern? Are employees facing resistance or aggression? Is there a lot of stress associated with a role? Consider our services within LTP Safety Services.
Safety Examinations

With over 20 years of experience, we understand like no other how to carefully execute the examination process. Accredited examinations with attention to the participant.

Safety Leadership

Leaders play a crucial role in the safety culture. Our program focuses on the development of leaders and their interaction with the team.

‘Safe Working’ Assessment

A good predictor of safety-conscious behavior. Does someone have the right disposition, qualities, and skills to perform a safety-critical function effectively?


With the increasing pressure employees experience and the prevalence of work-related stress and burnout, we offer a targeted program for teams.

‘Handling Resistance’ Assessment

More and more professions encounter aggression and violence. Does someone have the right disposition, qualities, and skills (de-escalation ability) to handle it?

Diensten met een focus op intregriteit.
Culture Fit

Integrity in collaboration and culture is a critical success factor for organizations. We map integrity risks in an engaging and honest manner.

Selection and Development at the Executive Level

Insight and advice on top-level issues. To reduce appointment risks and elevate leadership. The goal: agile leaders and a future-proof organization.
Executive Assessment

Understanding the fit between executives and identifying strengths and areas for improvement in collaboration enhances successful onboarding and reduces the risk of a mis-hire.

Board Dynamics

A brief check to map and improve the fit between executives: the foundation for effective collaboration, especially when the team is under pressure.

Executive Coaching

Insights and attention at the highest level. Particularly valuable when leaders need to perform under pressure. Contextual coaching is the focus.


Our consultants help shape the evaluation discussions among board members effectively, ensuring they run smoothly and achieve the desired outcomes.

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