Talent Navigator

Provide employees with insight into their talent and development potential

The Talent Navigator is a quick and easy online development assessment that provides insight in talents, development potential and challenges. The tool encourages employees to look at their own development from a new perspective. They gain deep insight along with tips to get started immediately.

The insights an employee gains from the Talent Navigator are also valuable input for check-ins or conversations with their supervisor or career coach.

The benefits of a development assessment

The Talent Navigator serves as an ideal starting point for continuous development. It revolves around the questions: What characterizes me? Where do I excel the most? How can I further develop myself?

Based on valid psychological questionnaires, the employee gains self-insight and tips to focus on. By regularly discussing progress (for example, in a check-in with the supervisor, mentor or coach) and encouraging mutual feedback, development becomes an integral part of daily practice and one’s career, rather than a component of the end-of-year performance review.

What does the development assessment entail?

The Talent Navigator consists of 6 abbreviated personality questionnaires. It takes about 45 minutes to complete. It is also possible to include intelligence tests. Our consultants are happy to assist you with this choice.
The Talent Navigator is an online assessment: this means you are in control and can use the assessment flexibly for both small and large groups, without interference of LTP. Of course, our consultants will help you to get started and are always there for advice and questions.

What is the investment?

In the overview below, you will find the costs of the Talent Navigator. A license is possible upon agreement (unlimited use of the Talent Navigator).

1-20 units: € 320,- per Talent Navigator
21-50 units: € 270,- per Talent Navigator
51-200 units: € 205,- per Talent Navigator
200 units: € 155,- per Talent Navigator

The test environment of the Talent Navigator is personalized with the logo of your organization, customized email messages, etc. The costs for this are €280 (including the integration of up to 3 job profiles). Please note: all our rates are exclusive of 21% VAT.

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