Pre Fit

Online selection tool for insight into intellectual capacities

Quickly and efficiently identify the best candidates from a large pool of applicants for the next step in the selection process. The top candidates will stand out.

Selecting candidates for the next step

Good, competent employees are essential for every organization. However, for some positions, it can be challenging to identify suitable candidates due to the high number of applicants. The online assessment Pre Fit helps with this.

What is it and what does it deliver?

The Pre Fit is a brief online assessment that candidates can easily complete from home (or any other location). It provides insight into intellectual capacity, consisting of three components: verbal intelligence, numerical intelligence, and abstract intelligence.

In consultation with an LTP advisor, the selection criteria are determined. Based on this, the most suitable candidates are identified for the next step in the selection process.

The Pre Fit is an online assessment: flexible and quick to deploy. Read more about online assessments and their benefits »

Investment Overview:

Below is the pricing structure for the Pre Fit, which follows a tiered system over a 12-month period. Alternatively, a license can be obtained for unlimited use of the Pre Fit.
Prijstabel Pre Fit

The test environment of the Pre Fit can be personalized with the logo of your organization, customized email messages, etc. The cost for this customization is €280 (including integration of up to 3 job profiles). Please note that all our rates are exclusive of 21% VAT.

Want to learn more or request a (free) initial Pre Fit?

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