Development Assessment

Development assessment with the use of an LTP Business Psychologist

Do you want to encourage the personal and professional development of your employees? The development assessment from LTP offers valuable psychological insights to effectively start and truly drive development. It is an important investment in improving employee performance and fostering a growth mindset.

An assessment provides insight and engages the growth mindset

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it abundantly clear that individuals, teams, and organizations must leverage their adaptability to remain successful. Standing still is not an option. An LTP development assessment offers employees valuable insights to actively work on their development. In which areas can they still grow? How can they best approach this? Does the employee have the potential to progress to a different, possibly leadership, role? And what about their ability to adapt to change?

What does the development assessment deliver?

Participants in a development assessment at LTP are guided by experienced psychologists with coaching credentials. They know how to inspire your employee and motivate them to take ownership. The participant receives much more than just a few development points; the development is truly set in motion.
  • With the insights from the assessment, you can quickly and effectively identify the key areas of focus concerning the current or new (leadership) role.
  • It is clearly stated whether and how an employee can further develop.
  • For the employee, it means a fresh impetus for further personal and professional growth. It is often a starting point that can be built upon with coaching or training.

The result: a better-performing employee who takes control of their own development and approaches the future with enthusiasm and confidence.

Both candidates and clients have access to the assessment report via a secure portal, with the client gaining access only after the candidate’s approval. This ensures that the report is always quickly and easily available.

What does the development assessment entail?

There are three variants of the development assessment: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The appropriate assessment for your needs depends on the development question, the complexity of the role, and the available budget.

The starting point for all assessment variants is an online assessment, consisting of personality questionnaires and intelligence tests. This provides insight into an individual’s intelligence level, talents, development points, and adaptability. Additional components may include an in-depth interview with a psychologist, a purpose pitch, and a practical simulation and/or business game, allowing the psychologist to gain an even better understanding of the employee.

The learning-oriented nature of the development assessment is highlighted by continuous feedback throughout the day. For instance, during the role play, time-outs are taken as needed for reflection or feedback. The participant is continuously engaged since the focus is on their development!

Need advice on choosing between a Silver, Gold, or Platinum assessment? Visit the assessment selector or contact us via the form on the right. Our advisors are ready to assist you.

What is the investment?

Together with one of our advisors, you will examine your specific development question and determine the program. Depending on the chosen variant (Silver, Gold, or Platinum), the price for the assessment ranges between €1,780 and €3,050*. Fill out the contact form for a tailored quote or more information. Our advisors are happy to assist you.

Get started with your development

Assessment participants are offered an app at no additional cost to help them work on their development. The assessment results are loaded into the app. In the app, they can set development goals, request feedback from others (who do not need to have the app themselves), and track their progress (mood monitor). It is important to note that the app is not part of the assessment. The content and use of the app are the participant’s own responsibility.

Forward Coaching is a powerful, inspiring development trajectory with an experienced coach as a sparring partner. The participant will work on the assessment results, stimulating the growth mindset and enabling the employee to function better and more effectively within the team and the organization.

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