Forward Coaching

You have already done an assessment and want to start working on your development with a clear focus and real results. Within a short timeframe (two months), you will gain insights and skills that benefit you immediately.

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Forward Coaching is a high-impact, inspiring development programme with an experienced coach as your sparring partner

Personal development always starts with a moment of self-insight. Get started with the results of your assessment report! You stimulate your Growth Mindset and you will function more effectively and better within your team and organisation.

What does it entail?

Forward Coaching is a compact coaching programme with a clear timeframe: three coaching sessions in the course of two months. The programme focuses on learning and experiencing. In between sessions, you’ll keep in touch with your coach and do a number of assignments. In-depth focus and results are guaranteed by optimally leveraging the assessment recommendations and the deployment of top coaches and actors.

The coaches of LTP are all registered coaches, a quality mark issued by CMI, a Career Management Institute, or are in the process of obtaining this recognition.

Elements of a Forward Coaching programme

What are the benefits?

Within a short timeframe, you will gain insights and skills that benefit you immediately. The development goals are based on your assessment outcome and the context of your work environment, and therefore always relevant. For you, for your team, and for your organisation.

With our feedback app you stay in control and keep track of your own development in real time. Increase your impact for the long term!

What is the investment?

The programme has a clear timeframe of two months and has fixed elements:

  • A context-oriented intake interview with your coach
  • Three coaching sessions (with coach and actor)
  • Practical assignments
  • feedback app (including 360º feedback)
  • Continuous e-coaching
  • Wrap-up session

Forward Coaching with a medior coach: € 2.750,-
Forward Coaching with a senior coach € 3.500,-

Whether a medior coach or a senior coach is deployed in your Forward Coaching programme depends on the complexity and the risk of impairment of your position, the context, and your learning question.

Trustworthy partner

LTP Business Psychologists is one of the leading psychological consultancy firms in the Netherlands. For over 90 years we have emphasized innovation and quality in (online) assessments and development. LTP has its own R&D department which develops new instruments and models while monitoring its quality. In addition, LTP obtained the ISO/IEC 27001 certification ‘Information Security Management’.

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