Selective Development Assessment

Selection assessment with the use of an LTP Business Psychologist

Psychological insights for selecting (new) employees: is a candidate suitable for a specific position? Do they fit within the team and the organization? What is their growth potential? The selection assessment from LTP provides the right psychological insights for a well-considered, reliable selection decision.

An assessment is a good predictor of successful work behavior

Good, competent employees are essential for every organization. The psychological insights from this assessment provide clarity on performance and potential, thus aiding in the selection of the right employees. The assessment can be used for both internal and external applications, and its content is tailored to the level of the position. This way, you make well-informed choices for various roles that benefit the organization not just now, but also in the future.

What does the selection assessment deliver?

A suitability advice and an evaluation of the present development potential. You receive an independent advice and expert opinion from an experienced assessment psychologist. Is there a match with the position and the organization? Does the candidate have the right aptitude, qualities, and skills to perform the role adequately? Do they have the potential to develop these skills?

  • Quickly and efficiently identify the most suitable candidates.
  • By recognizing potential, existing talents are better utilized.
  • Candidates and employees gain more self-insight.

Both candidates and clients have access to the interactive assessment report via a secure portal, with the client gaining access only after the candidate’s approval. This ensures the report is always quickly and easily available.

What does the selection assessment entail?

Since not every assessment question requires the same approach, we have developed three variants of the selection development assessment: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The appropriate assessment for your needs depends on the selection question, the complexity of the role, and the available budget.

Need advice on choosing between a Silver, Gold, or Platinum assessment? Visit the assessment selector, fill out the contact form on this page, or call 020 – 30 50 400. Our advisors are happy to assist you!

The starting point for all assessments is an online assessment, consisting of personality questionnaires and intelligence tests. This provides insight into an individual’s intelligence level, talents, development points, and adaptability. Additional components may include a purpose pitch, an in-depth interview with a psychologist, and a role play and/or business game.

During our assessments, the participant is central. Naturally, the psychological advice from an assessment must be well-founded, but we also want the methods and techniques used to motivate participants to work on their professional development in an inspired and focused manner.

What is the investment?

Together with one of our advisors, you will examine your specific selection question and determine the program. Depending on the chosen variant (Silver, Gold, or Platinum), the price for the assessment ranges between €1,780 and €3,050*. Fill out the contact form on this page for a no-obligation, customized quote or more information. Our advisors are happy to assist you!

Continuously working on development

Assessment candidates are offered an app at no additional cost, enabling them to continue their development after the assessment. The assessment results are automatically loaded into this app. They can set development goals, request feedback from others, and track their progress. It is important to note that the app is not part of the assessment. The content and how one uses the app is their own responsibility.

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