Artificial Intelligence

Job interview with a robot

Artificial Intelligence (AI) programs can significantly simplify, and especially reduce bias in, the search for the ideal candidate for a specific position. After all, at the end of the day, a recruiter is human like everyone else and humans have unconscious biases. The difficulty of keeping the bias of recruiters out of algorithms was recently demonstrated by L’Oreal and Starbucks. The algorithm had discriminated. But, algorithms learn fast.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and staff selection

AI can already be of great service in the pre-selection process, i.e. prior to the interview and further assessment. If AI is to change the entire assessment process in the future, scientific research into the validity and reliability of AI systems for staff selection will be necessary first. VU Amsterdam and LTP have therefore started a multi-year research project in this area.

From ‘AI’ to ‘IA’ in staff recruitment

The study and development of AI is dominated by computers and neuroscience. Where are the people? AI could do a lot more with the existing knowledge, skills and intelligence of human recruiters. Hence not Artificial Intelligence (AI), but Intelligence Amplification (IA).

AI: Psychometrics and Real-Time Feedback

HR technology is evolving like never before. New tools are helping HR teams better manage employee communications, recognition, engagement and overall wellness in the workplace.

Waar mogen wij het voorbeeldrapport naar toe sturen?