Research & innovation

Leadership, culture, personal development and competencies: topics on which countless publications have been issued and on which many people have diverging opinions. We are well aware of the impact that our advice can have on organisations and on individual employees.


LTP’s services are traditionally based on scientifically substantiated concepts, empirical research and proven methodologies. We originate from the Free University (VU) and we are still closely connected to this university, but we also have ties to other universities. Since our founding in 1927, we have continuously invested in research to increase the reliability and validity of our methods.


With our Research & Innovation team, we are constantly on the lookout for new developments and scientific publications. Literature research is an important aspect of our work. Potential new insights and services are discussed and tested by us with consultants who work in advisory capacities on a daily basis.

Furthermore, we continuously work on improving and renewing our own instruments and methodologies, often in close cooperation with our clients. If required, we can tailor our instruments and methods to your specific wishes and organisational characteristics.

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